03-01-2021 // International companies wanted: Bosch Innovation Consulting and Stryber launch the Venture Beyond program.

Companies from around the world can apply now and benefit from experience in validating and building business models

Munich/Stuttgart/Singapore, 01.03.2021 – Bosch Innovation Consulting, part of the Bosch Group, and Stryber AG, the largest independent corporate venture builder in DACH, are launching their global Venture Beyond program. Both companies aim to let other companies worldwide benefit from their extensive experience and method in validating and building business models. The program will take place twice a year, with each round lasting six months. Interested companies can apply now via

The first round will begin in April 2021 with a limited number of people and companies, and the second round will start in July 2021. Due to COVID 19, Venture Beyond will initially take place remotely and then move to a blend of online and offline programs. Mid-tier companies and corporations with internal innovation teams will be targeted, and the costs will be handled individually by the participants according to their needs.

Venture Beyond helps teams look outside their organization and complements them with cross-sector collective know-how and practical entrepreneurial resources. This integrated approach is different than traditional incubation or acceleration programs and will empower companies to successfully seize new growth opportunities and launch new businesses.

Stryber has mapped out, built, launched, and grown new business units and ventures with a number of industry-leading companies. The Pan-European firm headed by serial entrepreneurs brings the execution capacity and VC mindset to set up the guardrails and incentives that lead to successful outcomes. Bosch Innovation Consulting, on the other hand, is one of the most successful examples of sustainable corporate innovation at scale. It combines the expertise, resources, and performance of one of the world’s leading organizations with a successful track record of applying corporate innovation inside a truly global corporation.

“Our daily interactions with executives have shown us that many companies not only see the need to innovate and create new businesses, but they also recognize how extremely challenging it is to extract real value from those businesses,” said Jan Sedlacek, Co-Founder of Stryber. “We are making our systematic approach available to entrepreneurial-minded innovation teams through Venture Beyond. This program enables corporate teams to shorten their learning curve through knowledge transfer from innovation leaders, test and explore new business models, and significantly accelerate their innovation journey.”

Michael Nichols, Global Lead Venture Beyond at Bosch Innovation Consulting in Singapore, commented: “We have already seen the capability of our internal program to validate business models and ideas. With the Venture Beyond program, we can share these insights from all parts of the innovation value chain with external companies. This allows them to add value without having to incur the costs and steep learning curves from the last decade.”

Venture Beyond is the first program of its kind that is being rolled out by an internationally successful company. It contains all the resources you need to move from idea to an independent new business model in five distinct stages. To do this, Venture Beyond uses proprietary market screening techniques to identify market signals. Employees of the participating companies develop their ideas quickly and in close collaboration with the entire customer ecosystem, effectively compressing the exploration phase and accelerating the time to market.

About Stryber

Founded in 2016 by Jan Sedlacek and Alexander Mahr, Stryber AG is the largest independent corporate venture builder in the DACH region. The internationally expanding company combines approaches from the venture capital and start-up worlds and makes medium-sized companies and larger corporations fit for the future by building strategic corporate venture portfolios. While traditional companies invest years in the initiation of new business models and take major risks, the Stryber teams in Munich, Zurich, London and Kiev build up young companies in just a few months. Stryber’s clients include Migros, Stöckli, Swisscom and many others. Successfully founded corporate ventures include the last-mile delivery startup Miacar, which was built together with Migros in Switzerland and merged into the online supermarket myMigros in September 2020.

About Bosch Innovation Consulting

Bosch Innovation Consulting started as an internal consulting department for business model innovation and is a part of the Bosch Group. The internationally operating company is based in Stuttgart. Since 2021 the team has been offering external customers the opportunity to learn from their profound experience in implementing changes to existing or creation of new business models on a daily basis as an integrated part of a large corporation. Bosch Innovation Consulting has many years of in-depth experience in numerous business areas and an extensive knowledge of how to advance in an industry-agnostic way. The in-house Bosch Accelerator program has been featured in numerous well trusted publications, including the Harvard Business Review and Osterwalder’s The Invincible Company, as a leading example of rapid and efficient validation in support of an exploit-explore-innovate portfolio.

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